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Foresight Your Advantage

for all's fair in love, war, and Pokemon battles

Taku ♫
/brb in despair, aiming for the horn, all of my wonderful friends, bitches and whores, boy meets boy, carousel lollipops, children's card games, china cottage, comashipping, comfy shorts, damn my love of killing, do you know tri-edge?, exploding wailords, fighting werepires on sharks, final battle senses tingling, fining you a million, flictonic klipple waver syndrome, fun10 × int40 = ir2, high faggotry, jesus beams, ling ate all of my food ;__;, majestic mechs, needs more akise, nice boats, paul the karma-avoiding trainer, please inject chim spheres, pokemon, really obscure visual novels, rosa's awesome parenting skills, say hi to your new dad, scoring a hot stud, sleeping until whenever, stomping on cellphones, taking over the world, tasting time, the zombie apocalypse, there will be brawl, threesomes with subway masters, whose eyes are those eyes?, writing a rad bromance, yandere tendencies, √3 点組